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Asia Pacific Chapter Update

21 December 2017
Dear colleagues and friends,

With the Athens conference behind us there will be a full report in the December newsletter, but I just wished to express my thanks to the team of Asia Pacific members who braved the long trip to Greece for the conference.  The Asia Pacific group who made the trip included Betty Kwan, Hing Chun Wong and Mary Yuen (all Hong Kong SAR), Joy Torres (Philippines), Christine Cody (Australia), Yukari Ando (Japan) and Louise Moor (NZ).  We were also very privileged to be joined by Judge Haruko Abematsu, from Japan, as an observer.

My thanks also for the incredible work of Allan Mackey and Maya Bozovik in preparing a comprehensive report on RSD/protection in the Asian region.  As I signalled at the conference, it is now available here on the website and it provides an update on the systems in 14 countries in our region.  I am sure it will be most helpful for those trying to get an understanding of what protection mechanisms are available.

As we head into the end-of-year break, I leave you with a happy image of the delegates at the conference.

asia pacific delegates athens

Back row: Mary, Haruko, Hing Chun, Joy
Front row: Louise, Betty, a stranger who wandered in by mistake, Christine
Season's greetings to you all!





Martin Treadwell

Since 2011, Martin has been a member of the World Council of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges.
He was Deputy Chair of the chapter from 2008-2016 and became President of it in 2016.

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