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About the Asia Pacific Chapter

28 August 2017
Dear colleagues and friends,
Welcome to the homepage of the Asia Pacific Chapter.  We are perhaps the most widespread chapter in the Association, roughly spanning from 60 degrees east to 150 degrees west - half the compass of the world.  For that reason, this website is particularly important for us, as a means of keeping in touch and sharing information.
We are a diverse and growing Chapter, with members in many countries.  Language is a significant barrier and, while the bulk of this website is necessarily in English, no-one should feel inhibited from asking for information to be posted in other languages as well.  I hope to post shortly an interesting decision from the Osaka High Court in Japan, in both English and Japanese, which gives new and valuable insight into changes to the standard of proof in that country.  My grateful thanks to Yukari Ando at Osaka University for her help with this.
Members of the Asia Pacific Chapter will receive a quarterly newsletter, for which we are always happy to receive contributions.  Please get in touch with the editor in this regard.  The newsletter will also be posted on this site, if for any reason you do not receive it.
Finally, I am delighted to welcome as an Associate Member, Dr Anna Hood, of the Law Faculty of the University of Auckland, who teaches immigration and refugee law.  Over recent years, Anna has been instrumental in the creation of a summer internship programme with the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, which has been a pathway into careers in refugee and protection law for a number of students.
My kind regards to you all,
Martin Treadwell
Asia Pacific Chapter




Martin Treadwell

Since 2011, Martin has been a member of the World Council of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges.
He was Deputy Chair of the chapter from 2008-2016 and became President of it in 2016.

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