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About Asia Pacific Chapter

When the IARLJ convened its conference in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2002, the number of persons of concern to UNHCR world - wide was estimated to be 20 million. By 2010, that figure had grown to 30 million. It has since doubled. To many of us engaged in determining , one on one, who comes within the protective net of the Convention on the Status of Refugees, such numbers are too vast to contemplate.
Ours is an extraordinary role. It embraces aspects of history, anthropology and psychology, understood through a legal framework. We conduct a conversation in a quiet room, perhaps with the help of an interpreter. The unspoken question is “why have you come here, to this place” .



Martin Treadwell

Since 2011, Martin has been a member of the World Council of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges.
He was Deputy Chair of the chapter from 2008-2016 and became President of it in 2016.

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