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To all members of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges (IARLJ).

I hereby give notice of the General Meeting of the IARLJ on Thursday, 30 November 2017 from 4.30 pm till 5.00 pm at the Hotel Titania, Panepistimiou 52, 10678 Athens, Greece.

According to article 8.3 of the Constitution of the IARLJ, the following business is on the agenda:

  1. the election of the Officers and members of Council of the Association;
  2. the receipt of the annual accounts;
  3. subject to article 12, the Amendment of the Constitution; and
  4. the consideration of such other business as may properly come before it.

With regard to subject 3 I bring to your attention that on 22 August 2017, a proposal to amend the Constitution was recommended by Council and filed with the Secretary.

The proposal reads as follows:
“The IARLJ shall have in its field of interest, expertise and discussions within its network, both the law on international protection and migration law. To this end the name of the IARLJ should be altered to include migration in its denomination.”

Further details on the issues for the agenda will follow.

14 October 2017
John Bouwman,
Secretary/Treasurer of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges

Academy of European Law: annual conference

Academy of European Law:
Annual Conference on European Asylum Law 2017
Brussels 26-27 October 2017

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Patricia Baldwin, longtime member of the IARLJ, passed away

We received the following sad message from our Council Member, Women Judges Forum Coordinator Paulah Dauns.

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11th World Conference

IARLJ's 11th World Conference: Athens, Greece
Dates: Wednesday 29 November 2017 start  09:00 - Friday 1 December 2017 finish around 13:30
Venue: Titania Hotel, Panepistimiou 52, Athens 10678

General Meeting members IARLJ Convocation

REGISTRATION  pdfgeneral information on registration


Pre-conference trainings
We have managed to organise 2 pre-conference workshops, running parallel on Monday 27 November & Tuesday 28 November 2017, starting at 09:00 am
A choice has to be made: either the training on Intermediate Level for beginners or the one at Advanced Level.

Venue: same as conference

Intemediate training - English  Intermediate Training - Francais 

Advanced training - English only

In Memoriam Juan Osuna

We have received the sad news that Juan Osuna, Chair of the Board iof Immigration Appeals in the United States, has suddenly died of a heart attack.
Juan has always been a supporter of our association and has alway been willng to assist in the preparation of our global events.

Paul Schmidt, one of the founder members of the IARLJ wrote a moving In Memoriam, which we publish hereunder, with his permission

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7th Annual Geneva Forum of Judges & Lawyers

7th annual Geneva Forum of Judges & Lawyers
17-18 November 2016
Large-scale movements of refugees and migrants: the role of judges and lawyers

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The Secretariat
International Association of Refugee Law Judges
P.O. Box 1621
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The Netherlands

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