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Papers 7th World Conference in Mexico

At the 7th World Conference in Mexico, last November, the following papers were presented by the particular Working Parties. Click here to view .
Other papers, presented by speakers, are available here

From Professor Dr Harald Dörig:

From Professor Dr Harald Dörig, IARLJ member in Germany, his address to the participants of the 14. asylrechtlichen Fortbildungstagung in Hohenheim with the invitation to join the IARLJ,

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Dr Paul Tiedemann has published a book

tiedemann_book.jpgOne of our members, Dr Paul Tiedemann, has published a book, which might be of great interest to you.
This is the first monographic presentation of the results of my long-standing research on human dignity in a condensed form.
The book is available in German. Short summaries in English and other languages are available on the author's homepage
http://www.dr-tiedemann.de/buch06eng.htm and http://www.dr-tiedemann.de/buch07eng.htm

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