International Association of Refugee Law Judges

Paper on Guidance on Credibility Assessment in the EU

credo-projectOver the past year, after consultation and  much assistance from some 35 judges from 22 European countries and the partners in the project, former IARLJ President Allan Mackey and John Barnes, the author of the IARLJ European asylum  training Manual (both former UK Senior Immigration Judges) have now completed this paper.
The preparation and consultation work was partly funded by the European Refugee Fund (ERF) for the European Chapter’s involvement in the “Credo project”. The other partners in ”Credo” were: the lead partner, Hungarian Helsinki Committee (Budapest) and the UNHCR (Brussels).

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All iarlj conference books available digitally

As an extra service, all IARLJ World Conference publications are now also available as pdf-documents. Click here to view.
Since these are scanned pages, the quality is not very good. Upcoming publications will be of better quality.

Nordic Asylum Seminar

The University of Bergen, Faculty of Law, has the pleasure of inviting you to the 2013 Nordic Asylum Seminar, 6-7 June 2013, in Bergen (Norway).

pdf Click here to view the programme

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Tripartite roundtable Strasbourg

Tripartite roundtable held on 9 November 2012 in Strasbourg

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research study

The impact of the four initial asylum-related judgments of the EU Court of Justice - research study

Gábor Gyulai is pleased to call your attention to his recent research study:

The Luxemburg Court: Conductor for a Disharmonious Orchestra? - Mapping the national impact of the four initial asylum-related judgments of the EU Court of Justice

Available at: http://helsinki.hu/en/the-luxemburg-court-conductor-for-a-disharmonious-orchestra

This pioneering report maps the impact of the four initial asylum-related judgments (Elgafaji, Abdulla, Bolbol, B and D) of the Luxembourg Court at the national level, including legislative and policy changes, as well as judicial interpretations. The publication collects national jurisprudence from various member states and may be particularly relevant for refugee law judges all around the EU. 

ERA conference

ERA Training Seminar on Minority Rights//Trier/14 and 15 June 2012

The Europaïsche Rechtsakademie (Academy of European Law) announces a forthcoming conference which might be of interest to members of the IARLJ.
To view the programme follow the hyperlinks for English or French .

This seems an excellent training opportunity for judges seeking further education on the challenging issues raised by minority status issues in asylum procedures. There are still a limited number of places available.

Given the previously fruitful cooperation between the IARLJ and ERA, current IARLJ members are offered a specially discounted price. Upon proof of membership in the association, participants will be eligible to avail a significantly reduced fee of 175Euro for this training seminar. This includes tea and coffee breaks, lunch on both days, dinner including a tour of Trier's vineyards and a wine-tasting as well as an extensive documentation pack.